Return Policy

If you are the original purchaser of the Avant product you wish to return and it is covered by our warranty policy, please read the return process below. If you did not purchase the product directly from Avant Technology, please contact the reseller from which you purchased the product. If you are not sure if your product is under warranty or have any questions about the warranty, please contact us. All product shortages or damaged products must be reported to Avant Technology within 24 hours of receipt.


*Note - If you have an account with us, please contact your assigned account representative to verify the return process.* 






The Return Policy






Please follow the below instructions when returning defective or damaged product to Avant Technology.

The following are required to complete a return:






  1. Part number of  the defective/damaged product 

  2. A copy of the original invoice or packing slip

  3. A completed RMA REQUEST FORM with detailed description of the reason for return 

  4. An RMA number assigned by Avant Technology






Be advised, all product returns must have an assigned RMA number before being shipped to Avant Technology or they will be refused. In order to receive an assigned RMA number, complete the RMA Request Form below. Once the form is completed, click the submit button to send it electronically or print it out to send via fax to: 512-651-5254.





RMA Request Form






After your request has been received and processed, an RMA number will be assigned within two (2) business days and communicated via e-mail or phone. The RMA number is only valid for the period indicated on the RMA form or by your account manager. The defective/damaged product must be returned to Avant during this valid RMA period. At our discretion, Avant Technology will repair or replace the returned product.






The product being returned must be the exact product specified on the RMA form, otherwise, the RMA will be voided and product will be returned. If the product is received with a non-valid RMA number, the product will be returned to the customer. The customer will be responsible for shippingcharges (when applicable) for any denied product.





Returning Product






The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs and risks when returning product to Avant Technology. Products must be returned in original condition, with original labels. When handling product please use an anti-static grounding strap. The returned product must be packed in static-free packaging to prevent damage. Memory modules must be packed in a manner that prevents the modules from touching each other or the shipping container. Please ship the return product to Avant’s RMA Department, (address listed below) and include a tracking number. Any unauthorized shipping charges will be billed to the customer. Avant Technology may pay shipping charges if a repaired or replacement product is sent to the customer.




*The assigned RMA number must be displayed prominently on the outside of all shipping containers or the package will be refused. Also, include your account number, a copy of RMA form, and a copy of the original invoice or packing slip with the returned product.

*Note - Do Not Send Returns via U.S. Mail


RMA Check List





Valid RMA number





Product Part Number 





Properly packaged product with tracking number 





Copy of original invoice or packing slip





Account Number (if applicable)




Please ship all RMA packages with tracking number to: 


Avant Technology

Attn: RMA Dept


RMA # _________ 


828 New Meister Lane  

Building 10  

Suite 300  

Dock 7  

Pflugerville, TX. 78660