Avant Technology employs one of the most thorough test and qualification programs in the industry. From in-house testing to third-party validation, Avant engineers use a comprehensive collection of resources to confirm the quality of our DRAM modules and Flash storage products.
  Functional Testing
    An extensive collection of in-line and off-line test equipment is used to verify the functionality of all products during various stages of the manufacturing process.

Compatibility & Platform Testing

    Avant memory and storage products are tested for functionality and compatibility in leading-edge platforms, including both Mac and PC systems. In addition, Avant has the ability to test product compatibility in customer-specific platforms.

Reliability, Environmental & Extended Testing

    Avant utilizes in-house environmental test chamber to perform extended burn-in temperature tests (-73°C to +177°C) and humidity level testing. Furthermore, Avant can test for a variety of other extreme situations, such as shock/vibration, using our collection of third-party resources.

Robust Qualification Testing

    Avant performs an array of application-specific memory tests based on our customer’s requirements including; Memtest86+, RSTPro, QTP, PC Check, MCFT and more. Additionally, we can also test using proprietary test software provided by our OEM customers.
  Application & Proprietary Testing
    Avant has over a dozen SMT lines that utilize advanced industry recognized equipment providers such as: Panasonic, Phillips, Fuji, MPM, Omni, and more.
  Failure Analysis  
    Avant employs strict quality management practices to ensure consistency and fully investigates any product failures until the root cause is identified.