Product Development Services

 From JEDEC compliant designs to robust new product designs, our engineering team produces DRAM and Flash sub-assembliestailored to meet industry standards and customer-specific needs.
  Leading Edge Solutions
    Utilizing numerous industry resources and efficient production equipment, Avant’s engineering team has the ability to produce leading-edge memory and storage products. Understanding the importance of time-to-market, Avant has the capacity to take a product from concept to production in one week.
  JEDEC Compliant Memory
    As an active member of JEDEC with influence in key committees, Avant adheres to and contributes to current industry standards for memory modules and flash products.
  Custom & High Density Memory
    Avant has the ability to produce custom high-density memory and storage solutions to match performance and application requirements.
  Component Selection & Controlled Bill of Materials (BOM)
    Avant will choose the ideal components for your memory and storage application needs and lock them into a controlled bill of material (BOM) for product consistency and confidence.
  Signal Integrity and Timing Simulation 
    Pre and post-layout analysis is preformed on each new design.  Through simulation, design rules are developed to ensure both timing and signal quality specifications are being met or exceeded.
  High-Speed PCB Layout
    Avant is able to design a quality PCB by managing high speed constraints, signal topologies, and controlled impedances that are specific to each design.