Avant Products
What if? Two simple words. But when combined, the possibilities are endless. At Avant Technology we've stopped simply asking what if the impossible was possible and started manufacturing it. 

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are a breakthrough in modern computing. SSDs are faster, lighter, more durable, and more reliable than traditional hard drives.

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Memory Modules

From product development to manufacturing, testing and customized logistics, Avant Technology offers a comprehensive range of modules from SDR to the latest DDR3 modules.

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Legacy Modules

EDO, sometimes referred to as Hyper Page Mode enabled DRAM, is similar to FPM Fast Page Mode DRAM with the additional feature that a new access cycle can be started while keeping the data output of the previous cycle active.

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        No moving parts          ECC RDIMM          FBDIMM         UDIMM          UDIMM          EDO
        Energy efficient         SODIMM           ECC RDIMM          SODIMM          SODIMM          FPM
        Reliable         VLP RDIMM           Mini RDIMM          ECC UDIMM         ECC UDIMM          
        Vibration free         VLP Mini UDIMM          SODIMM          ECC RDIMM         ECC RDIMM