Avant is now offering DDR3 memory upgrades for new Mac Pro

Avant is now in full production mode for DDR3 SODIMMs and DDR3 ECC for the new Mac Pro. Available to ship now, these memory upgrades are built specifically for and tested in each new Mac system. We also produce a full range of memory upgrades for all Mac systems.

The new Mac Pro systems – both quad-core and 8 core- require DDR3 ECC 1066MHz DIMM modules. The new quad-core comes with 4 memory slots and supports up to 8GB of memory. The new 8 core has 8 memory slots and max memory of 32GB. The 1066MHz DDR3 ECC memory delivers up to 2.4 times the memory bandwidth while cutting memory latency up to 40 percent. Also, the added ECC (error correct code) detects and corrects any single-bit errors automatically. (Apple, 2009)

Avant’s DDR3 ECC memory upgrades are currently available in 1GB and 2GB capacities and our DDR3 SODIMMS are available in 2GB. Avant memory for Apple is rigorously tested for compatibility and reliability in our well equipped, qualified test lab. Our testing lab includes all the latest Mac machines and many of the legacy machines as well.

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