Avant Unveils a New Low Power Fully Buffered DIMM Memory Line

Avant Low Power Fully Buffered DIMM is designed specifically to reduce the amount of energy servers consume without compromising performance. The Avant LP memory not only reduces power usage, but also generates less heat, which means lower cooling costs.

With the growing amount of server memory used in data centers, Avant LP memory is an energy efficient computing solution that reduces overall system power consumption and energy costs. Avant DDR2 LP memory is manufactured with low voltage components that operate at 1.5 volts of power compared to the previous standard of 1.8 volts. This combined with a reduced chip count can decrease power consumption by as much as 10-40% depending on system applications.

Avant currently offers Low Power DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMMs for servers in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities. Avant Low Power Memory continues to maintain performance and speed standards with the added benefit of reducing your energy costs. Avant Low Power Memory is the ideal server memory solution to conserve energy and add to the bottom line.

About Avant Technology

Avant Technology is an industry leader in the manufacture of memory module technologies to the OEM, CEM and wholesale distribution sectors. Avant offers advanced products, ranging from legacy to leading edge, including fully customized turnkey solutions. Avant specializes in delivering engineering, manufacturing, quality, and test services of memory module products to original equipment manufacturers. Avant’s memory solutions serve the telecommunication, networking, server, personal computing, and semiconductor industries